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become healthier, happier & stronger.

& start the last "diet" you'll ever need to do.

I'm Nick, and I run Versatile Coaching.

I help people who struggle with low confidence, low motivation, and feel they have tried EVERYTHING to change; easily lose fat, get the body of their dreams and stay that way FOREVER!

Over the last 9 years I have helped transform the lives of 1000's of Men and Women who were on the edge of giving up, finally see the results they always wanted.

I have heard it all, every excuse & every struggle and I get how hard it can be to see long term change. My programs are built bespoke around each person and I have tonnes of different methods to solve each of your problems in a way that suits YOU.

My goal becomes yours and I take pride in ensuring every client finishes having achieved a body they are proud of, confidence they could only ever dream of and results that ACTUALLY last...

I pride myself on improving every aspect of my clients lives with my coaching.

  • From dropping a dress size or more in 6 weeks or less (10lbs)
  • To becoming the strongest and fittest they have ever been
  • To becoming more organized, more energized & more confident in day to day life
  • And improving sleeping patterns, mindset and self motivation not only with their health and fitness goals, but beyond that too

With my coaching it's not a question of will I achieve my goals, it's a matter of how quickly.

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my 4 pillars to success...


The goal for exercise should be for you to love it, so you can/ want to sustain it! But also to ensure you get mind blowing results. I help clients to fall in love with exercise and the way it makes them feel. But appreciate not everyone wants to spend 5 days per week in the gym, so for me, its all about efficiency. I always opt for the minimal effective dose.


Finding a diet that is healthy & enjoyable is the key to your long term success. The best diet is the one that doesn't feel like a "diet" & the one you can stick to. I will help you to find that, achieve the results you want all whilst still eating the foods you love. There is nothing off limits. Flexibility is the key to long term success.


"Telling" you what to do only takes you so far. That's why you landed here today. I'm sure you have lose weight before right? My priority is to ensure this is the last program you ever need to do. For you to become independent so you aren't reliant on a coach or a program to see change. Understanding the why and how is hugely important- because no one wants a coach forever, so you need to know how to keep it up once I am out of the picture.


"Your body will only go where the mind takes it."

I have found that people rely on motivation far too much & adopt a 0 or 100 approach (all or nothing). Which sadly isn't sustainable long term!

I help my clients to overcome obstacles in life so that motivation is minimally effected and not relied on to ensure the sustainability of their habits & success. The mental transformations 95% of the time are even more impressive than the physical ones.

the combination of these 4, guarantee

a life long transformation.

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